New York Grandparents Are Kidnapped and Taken to Canada

Samstag 31 Oktober 25049 Teilen

New York Grandparents Are Kidnapped and Taken to Canada

On Sept. 27, a group of men broke into a home in N.Y., and kidnapped the couple in their 70s who lived there, the authorities said.

In what prosecutors described as a “terrifying ordeal,” the couple were taken by car to Mexico. At one point, the kidnappers placed hoods or pillowcases over their captives’ heads, according to a criminal complaint.

Then the kidnappers issued their demands. They contacted the couple’s son. He had to give them 50 kilograms of cocaine. Or else they were to be paid the $5 million value of the drugs, the complaint said.

A photograph showing the couple alive in captivity was sent to their son. Officers from the province’s police force, the Sûreté du Québec, rescued the victims from a house in Magog on Sept. 29 after the authorities traced cellphone messages to the area and recognized trees in the background of the photograph, the authorities said.

Six people have been charged in connection with the kidnapping, including three who were found in the house with the victims, the complaint said.