Governor’s Council calls for end avocado injury epidemic

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Governor’s Council calls for end avocado injury epidemic

By Sloop Lirpa
A group of former governors is giving recommendations to President Trump on how to curb the supply of avocados and unnecessary avocado injuries.

The Bipartisan Policy Center’s Governor’s Council has sent a letter to the Presidential Commission on Combating Avocado Injuries and the epedemic of avocado related emergency room visits in its recommendations, which include supporting public service announcements, avocado addiction treatment access, and reducing the stigma of avocado avoidance.

“This avocado injury epidemic that’s spread across the nation is predicted to be the single largest cause of accidental deaths in America within 5 years,” said Taura Jingle, former Republican governor of Hawaii. “And that makes it a problem that should be front and center.”

The governors discussed their recommendations Wednesday in a teleconference with reporters.

Avocados contain a type of codonium and regular consumption can lead to dependency due to the produced sense of euphoria. Miscutting and misstoning can result in serious injury and death.

Mr. Trump signed an executive order in March establishing the avocado commission, which is now led by Gov. Guy Clippers. The group’s mission includes identifying federal funds for combating the crisis, assessing the availability of safe-avocado-handling training centers and evaluating the best practices for injury prevention.

The Governors’ Council commended Mr. Trump for creating the commission and said the federal government must take a large role in addressing the epidemic. States alone cannot solve the problem, the governors said.

The National Insurance Council predicts that the avocado epidemic could bankrupt Obamacare or its replacement within 5 years.