Mafia Country Germany - Make money with children

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Mafia Country Germany - Make money with children

Nationwide, prosecuted by the prosecutor's office, the criminal police, the judiciary and politics, children are stolen with ink and paper, abused and often infiltrated

The "free carriers" Diakonie, Caritas, Red Cross, etc., grant the money itself. It is about incredibly high sums

The youth office makes it possible for the abuse of the youth welfare to be opened. And it is also proven that the power that one has in office and dignity, shamelessly abused in all directions and with the coverage of the police, prosecution and court. The whole is the biggest scandal of the post-war history in Germany and only the tip of the iceberg, because less in the area of ??individual cases to locate.

On the subject of Heinz Buschkowsky: "The bearers grant the money themselves"

Meanwhile in Germany every year around 50 to 70 000 children are stolen with ink and paper by the German youth office, family court, and often with the help of the police. Involved in this is the so-called "free bearer", which the money, as inconceivable as it may sound, grant itself. They, the free bearers, sit in the "youth aid committees", where they apply for the money, which they allegedly need, for example, for a home place, up to € 10,000 per month, and then grant themselves. An inconceivably bold method to get legal, illegal, taxpayers.

The Youth Office and the German Federal Government make all this, all this madness, by their approving silence, at all possible; Not to mention a growing children's lobbying lobby, which you are doing now, also justified by law and unconcerned uncomfortable citizens by means of "state-of-the-law means", by simply declaring those who are crazy, even by German courts The psychiatry. Clear methods from totalitarian states.

In the rarest cases, the removal of children from the family or from a parent is really and actually necessary. Often the family simply needs a cleaning woman or a housekeeper, a babysitter. What is actually presented under a "family aid". Instead, instead of a real help, a social worker of "free bearers", the DIAKONIE, CARITAS, the AWO and writes not infrequently, all family members broken down correctly. Attested to the family a kind "total damage". An insider writes (Whistleblower of Jugendamt and free carriers):

"Yes, that's how it is done, reports and expert opinions are sometimes written or written the way it fits to the goal. It all works so well, because it's so simple and everyone can join ... There is no one , Which makes us difficult, and why, the table is plentifully covered "

Whistleblower from youth office and free carriers:

Human trafficking by the German youth welfare office

"... a mistake in the system is good, so we say so, no one oversees the youth office, they control themselves. The youth welfare committee is occupied with free carriers, which themselves also grant the money and convince themselves, The family courts are provided by the youth office with their great opinions, written by social pedagogues, on which you then rely ... "

But how much reality and fiction are in stark contrast to each other, as far as the actual reports and opinions are concerned, is seen in thousands of instances where there is or is no endangering of any "well-being" from anybody. The term "well-being" is misused in the most perverse of the so-called "Jugendhilfe", by the way all over Europe, with few exceptions such as Poland.

On the paper not infrequently caricature people, to whom everything possible and impossible is accused or by the so-called family help is placed, in order finally to come to the commodity child. The free sponsors, who are the social workers of the juvenile offices, operate on a large scale children's homes and institutions where children are placed who give exorbitant profits. We are talking about a billion-dollar business.

And, by the way, mention is made of how the Churches make the state, that is, the working citizen, and state megarents. The state services constitute only a small part of the church financing. The Evangelical Church alone has revenues of 10 billion euros annually

The state Megarenten for the churches

Youth workers are not bound by any laws

Moreover, it is becoming more and more clear: youth workers, German judges and prosecutors, are not bound by any laws, often judgments are made against any logic. Judgments, which are also incomprehensible for legal experts.

It seems as if the laws, which apply in particular to the field of youth welfare, apply exclusively to the victims and to those affected. The youth office even ignores judicial decisions, demonstrably extorts parents for the submission of signatures.
The parents are also apparently extorting this ominous "help", the youth office to apply for. A help, which often turns out to be a kind of "spy", which eavesdrops the family members, interrogates them permanently and takes notes to use this information against those affected.

This is what happens and part of the answer, why there is so much child rearing at all. Especially as it is reported by those concerned that even to all misfortune of "espionage" is still lying. If the concerned do not agree, so a "help" agree, they are threatened with the immediate inobhutnahme of the child or children. The same happens with the pressing or pressing of an expert into the affected family system.

Basically, a case for the federal police authorities, for the BND, but who do not want to see criminal offenses and the prosecutor's opinion that there is no sufficient facts to charge an accusation. A lie in many cases! Why?
The police and the prosecutors

If those who are blackmailing men and threatening the children are threatened by a person affected by a juvenile maltreatment, the person concerned would soon be on the charge of a German court.
However, youth workers must be able to blackmail, threaten and compel, and even misrepresent, statements to the public. In this respect there is no equilibrium in the rights that this system gives to human beings, for more an "imbalance". If the state does not remedy this inequality quickly, the affected citizen will ensure this compensation

So you ask yourself what is this supposed authority actually? A sort of secret-social police? Can do and leave what she wants?

An authority, where the laws of this state do not count mean now, since often also court orders are not followed. A family court sees a situation so different, the youth office differently, finished. Youth workers may even lie in court without consequences, if a person concerned would do so, he or she would be prosecuted for false statements.

Judges, prosecutors, criminal police have built a triple wall around the youth office in the last two decades. What this means and has followed, which so far has not been accused of a single juvenile laborer because of human rights and human trafficking and corruption, is best seen in the youth scandal in Gelsenkirchen.

The Jugendamtsskandal in Gelsenkirchen was announced by the broadcast of a contribution in the TV Magazin Monitor on 30 April 2015. It was a question of conflicts of interests due to personal and business interdependencies between the management of the youth ministry of the city of Gelsenkirchen, the home of a local youth welfare organization, the local association of the child protection association in Gelsenkirchen and other institutions, in particular a Hungarian company offering German youth welfare services to young people in Hungary The leaders of the Jugendamt Gelsenkirchen.

The big money is there, if you want it, nothing stands in the way, because the police, prosecutor's office and judge stand before almost every offender, who is active in the youth office And in the free carriers, still!

By covering the criminal offenses by the police, prosecutor's office and court, all this is wrong what happens in youth welfare. Youth workers have complete freedom of fools in Germany and throughout Europe. Why is that? Youth workers are de facto not subject to any laws. They are allowed to lie, cheat, blackmail and threaten, and people with not infrequently completely fictitious stories in their reports without any consequences in a home that yields fat profits. Just as it was in Gelsenkirchen and probably still is. For so far, all the children are in the captivity of a German authority, not free, but are held as prisoners and treated.

Behind this is a perverted youth welfare, which is becoming a child's exploitation and helper industry with structures of organized crime. The police determined similar to the beginning of the NSU affair, namely in a completely wrong direction, although it was clear that one is concerned with right-wing terrorists, one has against the Opfert determined. Because something must not be, which can not be.

Norbert Blüm wrote his bestseller "Opposition !: Against the arbitrariness in German courts" in 2014. He was also invited to some talkshows. He also supported Gustl Mollath publicly - here captured by Dirk Lauer - Brandrede in Munich. In public, however, the picture prevails, with all these scandals they are individual cases - in the sum are quite a lot.

The juvenile abducts and abducts people on behalf of certain free-lance carriers and operates large-scale human and children's trade. The police and the prosecutor's office look awake or cover this madness. Constitutional state? Wrong indication!

When it comes to juvenile courts, family courts, and forced psychiatry, the experts are always criticized - in fact, a handful of the same experts are traveling all over Germany, who continue to work and continue to produce and continue to produce the dishes New legal breaches without any follow. In doing so, what they are doing is extremely punishable, because it is about the making of false proofs and false statements in court. But the child-rebels have cleverly dealt with it beforehand, because the family court is not at all a court in the sense, rather a so-called "hearing" in a "voluntary" jurisdiction, which then calls itself so harmless FamFG.

Courts, service providers and public authorities defend themselves with all means against the disclosure, among other things is concerned regularly and unlawfully the publication of files refused. In a single case, an affected father has managed to file these files with the data protection officer. The road to it is rocky, financially and mentally stressful - in addition, the time always goes for the businessmen in the children's recycling industry.

If the criminal investigation department were to finally find out what they would not do, all that citizens had been saying for years were: "The so-called youth office often raids people and operates human and children's trade on a grand scale!"

Here is one of the most important videos about the scandal around the youth office Gelsenkirchen

Youth Office Gelsenkirchen - Office Manager Wissmann

So you can only hope that courageous detectives, prosecutors and judges get to work and muck out this hall

How bad it really is, you can not really imagine. It is too gigantic. When it comes to clarifying these inconceivable events, thousands of handcuffs will click, so much is certain. The big money is there, if you want it, nothing stands in the way, because the police, prosecutor's office and judges stand before every offender, who is active in the youth office, still! We can be curious about the consequences of the two young men's youth leaders from Gelsenkirchen. Probably, the detectives and prosecutors will get really heated up and times really with the pointing finger wiggle and a very, very evil: "You Du!" Intervene

The consequence is, we are honest, very mild, as always. For after all, one moves also in certain circles and there is also his friends and acquaintances not.

No consistency for human trafficking, abuse of office and presumably process fraud. And even though it seems that this is an organized crime that is so violently raging, the Italian mafia, on the other hand, looks like a nursery club and is certainly pale with envy.

So one can only hope that courageous detectives, prosecutors and judges get to work this salute. Ultimately, however, this work can only be done by our criminal police departments. And even courageous prosecutors and judges can help to end this marsh of corruption and benefit so that finally the stolen children can return home. But it is to be feared that this will not happen.
The tip of the eisberg?

In the last few years, the arbitrary use of German family courts and obvious entanglements between juvenile offices with commercial service providers in child and youth welfare services has been increasingly reported.
Evidence and facts were presented to the public, but the majority of the citizens in Germany nevertheless clearly think that all these scandals would be individual cases - in sum, however, that is quite a lot and the justified question arises: Is What is penetrating the public, not the tip of the iceberg?

Apparently. In other areas of "care", it is no different, organized crime, which is covered by the internal state. The extent to which organized criminals have become widespread in the field of "nursing" is beyond any imagination. Parallel to the care mafia of the juvenile offices, the so-called "free carriers", others, but possibly the same criminal ones, have spread in the care of the elderly.

Read the following article:

and here
The Kinderklaumafia in Germany is above all one: Real!

Above all, yesterday, unscrupulous citizens are suddenly deluded as madmen, highly criminals, as addicts and idiots by the employees of the free bearers who are pushed into the families by the juvenile offices.
This happens so that the concerned is threatened with the family court and the removal of the children from the family. The result is almost always the same, the affected are naturally set as problematic and incapable.
This is so cleverly devised that not infrequently the victims of this childish scandal, the lies which are written about them in numerous reports, ultimately believe themselves.

The Kinderklaumafia in Germany is above all one: Real! The newspaper DIE WELT reports on the billions of business with home children. It states that the expenditure on incentives on annual 9 billion euro has almost doubled. We are talking about 9 thousand million euros.

A single so-called "Inobhutnahme" costs the taxpayer 7000 euros per month. A home place can be paid to the home operators with up to 10 thousand euros and also more princely. In DM, this amounts to up to DM 20,000 or up to DM 28,000.

Here is a new article by ddbnews A. on the topic. Everything points to the fact that Germany has a very serious problem, which ultimately can only be solved by the police and the supreme justice authorities.

The juvenile offices - A criminal billions business
With children to make cash - the billions monitor Jugendamt Dorsten

The number of children, who are often separated from their families under questionable, even partial criminal circumstances, and placed at state cost, has almost doubled in recent years. The so-called "free bearers", which manage the shelters, are currently earning € 9 billion on their own. In 2005 about 26,000 "Inobhutnahmen" took place, as the world reported, citing an unpublished study by the Institute of the German Economy (IW). In 2014, there were already 48,000 cases and the madness does not stop and seems to take even more drive.

The Youth Office works with regulations from the Middle Ages

A madness, indeed a kind of "madness", among us and the media are usually silent or do not really say what is happening right in the middle of us:

Systematic children's trafficking and human rights by German youth authorities with coverage of the prosecution and courts.

But the police also seem to act idly to the bustle of the bustle, tearing the affected citizens who want to make a criminal complaint. Which are, however, in any case discontinued. In doing so, youth workers are actually guilty of organized human trafficking, the facts speak for themselves.
Why is it not acted upon by those who must act? T-Online Reported about this madness, but as if this were the result, which would be "All" better look.

This is not a blow to the face of those whom the child has been robbed of, but a kick in the face. So Germany is once again in a delusion everywhere a childhood risk to report, where something is allegedly wrong. That was the case with the witch-bitch, the Nazis. Of the German favorite job: make reports.

This was, as mentioned, very similar to the witch-wits, but also very similar in the NS dictatorship, it is denounced after heart-failure. And the denouncers (detectors) may remain secret, as in the Middle Ages. They even have a RIGHT on the secrecy of their person at an alleged childhood risk which they have reported.
These are clearly rules from the Middle Ages. Rightly criticized, one of the most courageous criminal investigators in Germany Andrea Kuwalewsky, this procedure. We can only hope that the others will finally follow her.

Because by this strange regulation that the so-called "detectors" are allowed to hide, the abuse is open doorway. It is often the case that false accusations lead families to wrongly into the focus of juvenile courts and courts.

The German internal state apparently prevents the elucidation of the most criminal offenses

They, the Kinderklaumafia, consist partly of the youth office itself, the so-called "free bearers", partly from the German judge's office, the German public prosecutor's office as well as parts of the police, working hand in hand against parents to come to the commodity child. This also works wonderfully for the perpetrators, who also testify their deeds with a flowery language. In addition, files are created by first installing alleged "aid" into the families.

They then recognize "problems" and put the families under ever more pressure, until the whole then lands before the family court and the children synonymous ever disappear completely, as in the case of David Möbius.
Throughout the Federal territory, secret service methods are used and not infrequently marred by marriages to arrive at the goods child. These are serious accusations, but they also apply, which is much more difficult to grasp.

Basically, a case for the state protection and for the federal police authorities, but which are apparently hindered or hindered by the inner state in Germany. It would be time with hundreds of the police of certain youth offices to storms and there to secure evidence against traffickers and offenders in office.

Successful methods of human traffickers in Germany

One of the most successful methods to get to the child's commodity is and remains a particular perfidious method. The good and the evil "social worker" Masche. First, a climate of trust is created with the first social worker and the family all the secrets elicited, then used with another "social worker", the more learned knowledge, against the family. The family father is usually portrayed as dangerous and violent, and the mother is mentally ill.

But also the children of the parents are broken down correctly. This happens in Germany every day and no one is against it. These often completely false reports about families are presented at a later date to a family court which then responds to what stands for cash and reacts accordingly.

Parents and those affected do not have a chance because they are not believed. They can not defend themselves before the family court, because the evidence that parents submit is not infrequently rejected and ignored or simply disappear in the garbage. Instead, an expert is called up by the judge, where one knows from the start how he judges.
In this way judgments can be judged as judges and families without having to feel guilty. The judge hides behind the expert, the expert behind the judge, the judge behind the youth office etc.

One does not have to be a criminology to recognize all these incomprehensible methods as what they are: the hallmark of organized crime and structures up to the top ranks of this state system.

Yes, and it is real, the Kinderklaumafia in Germany, which is opposed to the public as conservative and grounded. They are the opposite of it. Above all, a flowery language has been developed specifically for this real-world human trafficking in Germany. See this article here:

The Secret Language of the Childrens - Europe at the Crossroads

One of the characteristics or pillars of totalitarian systems is the childhood and the intervention of the state with regular terror into the family systems out of vain events. One of the best examples of the past time ( is the

Dresdner Kinderraub - the state has a "vollklatsche!"

20 armed police officers in full anti- terrorism against 3 girls aged 12, 14 and 12 years. Police officers with machine guns in the attack attacked a family because of an administrative offense. This state definitely has a succulent, so also the moderator of the broadcast. And one really wonders where the officials who stand for liberty rights and fight against this injustice remain?

But you, the Kinderklaumafia, is so powerful, so influential that they do not even stop before detectives. See the case of the detectives Andrea Kuwalewsky. But it should only be one of the victims, where one might think that they are all under one roof. But this is not the case.

It is not the police, according to Ms Kuwalewsky in a telephone call in March 2016 with the author, but parts respectively certain officials in the police system. How could it be different and it is exactly the same as thousands of affected people have always guessed.

There are a few perpetrators the authorities or generally their power of shame and unscrupulous abuse. These criminals have to make things as fast as possible and to accuse them of crimes.

Just like the juvenile directors here in this monitor contribution

They are instrumentalizing the agency by acting as prosecutors, police officers, youth workers, doctors, teachers, etc. In recent times, it is noticeable that the so-called "detectives" are increasingly teachers, doctors or educators in day care centers, Childhood hazards ".
Every scratch, every harmless bump or "blue" spot on the child is sufficient to tear and take children out of their families. Anyone who claims something else is so simple.

Children because of a few scratches or a bump or suspected whatever to take care of is what it is:

The deprivation of minors with mostly fictitious stories, which any detective as a detective could also recognize, but does not. Why not? In Germany, the deprivation of minors is a crime according to § 235 Criminal Code or abduction as well as the offense of the human race (§ 234 StGB). But the police in the entire Federal territory, especially in the new federal states, do not determine and the prosecutor's office does not complain. Why not?

What is going on here? Why are not children of prosecutors being taken into custody, or by judges or teachers, or by rich persons? Because normally ordinary citizens can not afford a lawyer, they have to apply for legal aid. What the attorney gets there is for a lawyer nothing and so do not do anything or not much.

Much more money is obtained as a "prosecutor" or as a "lawyer" of the child. Very much more money and which lawyer wants to get lost already with a judge, which pretends a direction. This direction is often called: Inobhutnahme.
This is the reason why the attorneys do not represent the affected families or do not represent them sufficiently legally. At this point there is a great need for action in German law. The affected parents are rarely represented before the family court, but are often dropped completely.

They, the affected parents, are mostly unimportant against an out-of-control and thus omnipotent youth office, which does not have to adhere to any laws and is exposed to the judge's temptation. Mercilessly and unscrupulously in the family courts families are pulled through the meat wolf and the perpetrators still feel themselves as benefactors and yes, the German youth office does not make mistakes, as indeed also German judges.

We are talking about a German jurisdiction that has lost all measure since the citizen has less and less to report. The citizen aid and defenseless in an increasingly decadent system, while the perpetrators become more and more powerful and as it looks, can and leave what they want without any consequent. It's going to be safe for a while.

For the most affected, it would be better for them to represent themselves before the family court than with attorneys, who ultimately do not act through them, the parents fall into the back. Those concerned are in any case unfortunate, because youth workers can lie in court and elsewhere, distort and cheat facts without having to expect any legal consequences. This is proven by thousands of cases where children were actually torn from the families by lies and fraud.

Children robbing with ink and paper - The culprits belonged to the Anklagebank. It is about the real-world trade in human beings in the middle of Europe, in particular youth workers' co-workers, free bodies, some judges and parts of police officers as well as experts

Even with the youth office itself, there are a lot of staff who know very well what has happened here and everywhere in Europe for decades, but they must be silent, afraid of disciplinary measures and complaints. Are afraid of sacking from the authority. Just as with criminal investigators Andrea K. Their history is only one of thousands where also police officers are affected.

They must also be called and said, "Stop being silent!" And finally see what happens here every day. Children are robbed with ink and paper to make money, that is what happens in Germany. Everything else is eyewash. Here is a video from the TV of 13.2.2015 with Andrea Kuwalewsky and lawyer Sascha

The children's homes as well as other children's utilization facilities are full and not infrequently doubled and triple occupied. The WAZ reported on 26.03.2016: Gelsenkirchener Kinderheim made over-allocation to the business model

The FamFG is therefore a "FUN FG"

It is a bubbling source of money and that's what really matters: in order to get taxpayers' billions of dollars that are euthanized on the backs of citizens who are not believed by the masses. It can not be what is not allowed. And yet it is always the case that children are deprived of paper and paper.

Before German courts is lied by many youth authorities that the beams bend, but at the same time one does not even want to be a "party" in court. This has the background, which can only be involved in a procedure because of false statements or witnesses and experts because of false statements.
The FamFG has become a "FUN FG" for the childrens, a fun. And behind the hand, the state and its authorities are often ridiculed by the perpetrators.

Borderline pregnancy
Only stupid criminals attack a bank, it's more intelligent: Open a children's home and get the children off with their help from the youth office simply from kindergartens, schools or directly from home. If the parents do not get the children out, the door will be blown up by the police, and a SEK commando will rush into the apartment.

No problem in Germany. Not infrequently with completely fictitious stories or with alleged "vulnerability" situations, as with the criminal officer Andrea Kuwalewsky, which a reviewer (psychologist) missed a so-called borderline disease. So a psychiatric diagnosis to which she, however, the expert is not at all capable. Serious psychiatrists and specialists also say that these "borderline" diseases are a pure invention, because that should be obvious to everyone: either pregnant or not.

A little bit pregnant, so "Borderline" - pregnant with whatever, is not possible. In this context, I would like to express a special spirit: Gert Postel

Children's recycling industry and your makers. A huge circle of perpetrators has been covered by German justice for decades. Why?

The children stolen with ink and paper are even sent abroad. MONITOR No. 675 of April 30, 2015. This is mainly because there is so much more money and less because there are too few places in Germany's children's recycling industry. Not infrequently there is then to forced labor, abuse and sexual abuse and white torture.

Children report that they are imprisoned in the cellar for days, that they are raped. The children who are robbed will fail to eat or drink if they do not do what they ask of them. There are documented cases where children are physically ill in the home and there are complications. Because the so-called carers do not care about the illness and pretend to simulate the child.

A child reports that due to this lack of help (a young woman) a kidney in the nursery had lost. Obviously completely without consequences for the perpetrator. The perpetrators, it seems, can do everything without real legal action, while the victims must beware even to say a false word. Neither the criminal police, which would have to determine, nor the prosecutor's office, which should be charged, move. They put their hands in the lap.

On the contrary, it is not infrequently determined against the affected person or the prosecution complains the parents because of whatever. While parents may be regarded as mentally ill, fathers are portrayed as evil and dangerous, and children are seen as "conspicuous", etc.

It is often committed as a regular call for murder, and if the victims are concerned, they are not often displayed for this either by youth workers or by forced judicial action.

A huge group of people, not infrequently secret pedophile circles, has been clearly covered by the German judiciary for decades. Why? The answer may be too shocking. But all that the victims have known becomes a bitter reality, namely, that we are dealing with a patient who has a thousand arms and grabs. An octopus that makes itself invisible, invisible: with ink and paper!

The game is off - The perpetrators recognized! But neither the policy nor the authorities, which would need to investigate how the criminal investigation and prosecution would need to stir like the prosecutor. Why?
But the game is recognized and the neutralizing language as well as neutralization matrices of the childrens is decrypted. A flowery language with which all the most serious offenses are justified in the truest sense of the word. From UN law, with this artistic language, the childrens' racketeering becomes law.

And it must be so, for who wants to look into the mirror and say to himself: You have kidnapped children with lies and deceit, and your aunt or wife now makes money with these stolen children. Nobody wants that. That is why they call the families to be heard, and they are also preparing "family aid" for their disposal.

An alleged "help" which precisely does the opposite of what is on it. The social-educational family aid is nothing more than a kind of chewing pack. There is something on it that is not inside. The state authorities are more than just "well" informed about these conditions.

Family aid as a mogelpackung

They, the investigating authorities, know and remain silent to the horror of the injured and desecrated parents and children in the middle of Germany and throughout Europe. A thousand times, the right is not merely bowed or broken, but all the most serious offense is committed without consequences for the perpetrators.

In the rarest cases the so-called "taking care" was or is justified. The robbers or offenders are people who look conservative and down-to-earth and are supposed to have only the so-called child well-being in view. This is really about kidnapping children with ink and paper to fill their own pockets with hundreds of thousands of euros and this is very easy.

This system makes it possible for criminals of juvenile mates and the helpermafia, as well as when they are caught lying, and even if they are caught stealing children with sneaky secret service methods, they do not have anything to do with the criminals.

Children stolen with ink and paper are often misused as sex toys, home loans, and a pleasurable life by a number of nurses. And this is what this system calls: childcare

Of course many and probably almost all nurses make a good and hard job, which is also paid accordingly. But there are cases where children are simply used as a means of payment, sex toys are abused or tortured with white torture until they die. And not infrequently it is so that the physical parents are completely desperate and are completely abandoned by this system. In particular, they are subjected to the so-called "white torture".

The parents are extorted to keep silent, otherwise the handling is completely canceled. One of hundreds of factual blackmail from the youth offices. Also the so-called family allowances are not infrequently pressed into the family, otherwise one would call the family court and then, yes and then the children would anyway arouse. So, with this so-called help, it would be better. There must be something in the "family system" to change, because there would be problems. As if there was no family that had no problems.

Decadent politicians of the Merkel dictatorship with princely salaries which cover the driving of the childrens and helfermafia and at the expense of the citizens a sunny flooded life

The politicians of this state are apparently not interested in the well-being of the population, but in their own well-being, and this makes them increasingly unbelievable. The policy in Germany does not deal with a topic where it burns lighterly, with the topic Kindsraub in Germany by Jugendamtsmitarbeiter, where ink and paper children are often torn out of the apartments with police.

Often the parents are blackmailed to get a so-called help, which then makes everything, only in the rarest cases actually help. The families are spied and finally said: The mother is mentally ill and the father is violent, both parents are disposed of and the kindergarten enjoys further sources of money.

Could it not be that this is the rule, because less the exception? Diakonie, for example, provides children's homes, and at the same time also the so-called family allowances, which are often squeezed into families. And what are these so-called family aids? They help to dispose of parents and to keep children in their facilities.

Detectors - Free Vehicle AND Youth Office

This is then the help, which one gets then, when it comes to messages. The children are often "taken into custody" for no real reason and have not disappeared forever. Not even the attorney gets file surveillance, as in the case of David Möbius.

Germany makes people disappear just as it is so common in dictatorships.
If the criminal investigation department were to identify here, all the suspected parents would certainly be bitter truth. The free carrier and youth office know themselves and the balls to play. If this is the case, then Germany has a huge problem, because there are as many handcuffs as you need.
The Chancellor Angela Merkel is at the expense of the poorest in our country as a "merciful Samaritan woman", would like to enter as a "mother Theresa" in the history books. And right there is the problem, Mother Theresa was an unscrupulous egocentrist, a criminal so many critics who were known to go over bodies to play themselves as a benefactor at the expense of the penniless. And here it is no different. Here in Germany.

Ms Merkel makes "politics" on the back of the German population, especially those who already have too little to live or die. The so-called "refugees" plunder the donated food on the panels Bundesweit.

The poor German is even the least what they have taken to play themselves as benefactors and yes, the aid for Greece are, of course, alternativeless but state real support for their own population is definitely too expensive for these politicians, who call themselves naughty as popular representatives and anyone , Who criticizes them in a politically extreme corner. Shame? Moral? Wrong indication!

Shame? Moral? Wrong indication! A real political debate with the real problems is not desired, since otherwise one would inevitably also have to talk about these incredibly high "diets and salaries"

And so the so-called established parties are surprised that it rumort in the Volkskörper. Why would you have to deal with such exorbitant salaries as they are? A real political debate with the real problems is not desired, since otherwise one would inevitably also have to talk about these incredibly high "diets and salaries".

Here is a small list of what our so-called "Volksvertreter" of the people allow themselves. What is the question of the citizens, especially the social and resin 4 recipients, what do these people do that they really deserve these salaries?

Angela Merkel - 22 711 Euro CDU, salary as Federal Chancellor: 17 877, - Remuneration of the service: 1000, - Half of the delegation: 3834, - Party chair: 0 (- honorary) Hannelore Kraft - 20 091.60 Euro SPD, Minister President of North Rhine-Westphalia : 3991.60 (40 per cent of the deputy) Ministers Presidential salary: 16 100, - None of their 15 national colleagues deserves more than the former company consultant. One reason: In North Rhine-Westphalia, the members of the parliament have to pay their diet (9979, - Euro), their electoral office, the employees and the pension scheme.

Günther Oettinger - 19 910 Euro CDU, EU Commissioner for energy as EU Commissioner: 19 910, - Oettinger was Minister President of Baden-Württemberg for five years. At the beginning of 2010, the lawyer moved to Brussels. Stefan Mappus - 19 481 Euro CDU, Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg's salary as Prime Minister: 13 934, - Deputy: 3532, - (50 of the Deputy's Office) Compensation for expenses (Prime Minister): 1023.- Compensation of expenses (deputy): 992.-

Ursula von der Leyen - 16 694 Euro CDU, Federal Minister of Labor, Federal Minister of Finance Budget: 12 860, - Half Board of Deputies: 3834, - Wolfgang Schäuble - 16 694 Euro CDU, Federal Minister of the Finance Minister: 12 860, - Half Deputy: 3834, - In 1972 he was represented in the Bundestag, explained to his private investment: "The Volksbank Offenburg has been managing my fortunes since time immemorial, and I do not know exactly how my money was invested."

Guido Westerwelle - 16 694 Euro FDP, Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs, Federal Minister Budget: 12 860, - Half of the delegation: 3834, - Party chair: 0, - (honorary)
Kristina Schröder - 16 694 Euro CDU, Federal Minister of Finance Federal Minister of Finance: 12 860, - Half Board of Deputies: 3834, - Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg - 16 694 Euro CSU, Federal Defense Minister Salary as Federal Minister: 12 860, - Half Deputy: 3834, - Finanzlich Youngest defense ministers of the history of the Federal Republic and baron from francs independent of politics.

Christian Wulff - 16 583 Euro Federal President: Total Amount of Amount: 16 583, - Wulff earned only around 15,000 Euros as Minister-President of Lower Saxony. The president also has a residence in Berlin (Wulff assumes that of his predecessor Horst Köhler) and is the only politician who receives his full salary of 199,000 euros per year as a pension.

Volker Kauder - about 15 600 Euro CDU, Chairman of the CDU / CSU Group: 7668, - Salary as Chairman of the Group: approx. 8000, - (approximation to ministerial salary)
Horst Seehofer - 15 431 Euro CSU President and Prime Minister of Bavaria Prime Minister's budget: 14 281, - Compensation of expenses: 1150, - Party chair: 0, -
Norbert Lammert - 15 336 Euro CDU, President of the Bundestag MP: 7668, - Salary as Bundestag President: 7668, -

Hermann Gröhe - at least 14 668 Euro CDU Secretary General Salary as Secretary General: at least 7000, - Deputy: 7668, - Sigmar Gabriel - at least 14 668 Euros SPD Party Chairpersons: 7468, - Salary as Party Staff: at least 7000, - -

Andrea Nahles - more than 14 668 Euro SPD Secretary General Salary as Secretary General: more than 7000, - Deputy: 7668, - David McAllister - 15 166 Euro CDU, Minister President Lower Saxony's Minister President's salary: 14 383, - Deputy: 783, -

Kurt Beck - 15 238.98 Euro SPD, Minister President of Rhineland-Palatinate Minister President's salary: 12 450.45 Membership: 1637.70 (30 per cent of the Deputy) Compensation: 766.94; Family surcharge: 115,46; Separation compensation: 268.43

Anyone who believes that these so-called People's Representatives, our people, who also believes in the lemon fold, lemon folds.

The parents, who were robbed of the children with ink and paper, point to international law at the Federal Constitutional Court

But it does not interest anyone so it seems. Neither the police, who would have to determine against all the most serious offenses against citizens, neither the prosecution had the accusations because of, among other things, organized criminality (even youth offices throughout the Federal territory) or even the politics should cry out or even the German judges, Compliments of mafia structures, say something to the real-world children's trade in Germany, indeed throughout Europe. Let alone that anyone here would act seriously.

It seems, it seems, too much money in the game, that al this horror would somehow play a role and so it goes in the "family courts" like in the Tollhaus, where the RIGHT definitely does not count but at best the daytime of one or Several judges. Here is a video where the question is examined, why in German courts often arbitrariness

I seriously question the question of why Germany is signing international conventions, human rights conventions, and others, if it is not the intention to keep them at all. It can not be understood for outsiders abstrus. Even mothers are deprived of the right to care about a child, which is not yet in the world, or who have been "taken into custody" by children who are still in the infant ward because the mother is supposed to be "incapable of education" and often without a court decision.

The decision of the Federal Constitutional Court, which can only be withdrawn if the "child's well-being" has been entered, is not a concern for either the Jugendamt or the family court, although these authorities are bound by the decisions of the Federal Constitutional Court.

The rules of the Civil Procedure Code (ZPO) do not apply here as much as the Criminal Code (Criminal Code) or other areas of German law. If then, then, but exclusively against the victims of these real children's laughter, especially in Germany.

This basically means: There is no "trial" against the parents concerned, it is also "only" to be helped, it is said. In truth, however, the family courts are courts where the right to justice and the rules of this civil society are turned upside down. This intolerable condition must be changed, the guilty must be held responsible, which made it possible that all this naked horror was possible at all.
Germany is committed to human rights law, for example, that children have a right to both parents. Exclusion of contact is only permitted in very crass cases where the children are in danger. And if you see the German legal practice, then this is a stark offense against these international conventions, be it at the European level or at the UN level. So why does Germany sign this and why is the German signature accepted under such things at all?

Germany continues to commit criminal offenses and this government will be overthrown so far, for the measure has long been full. All the lies of Mrs. Merkel alone are incomprehensibly brazen and intolerable. Ms Merkel and Co. have become an intolerable burden for this democracy simulation.

Finally, a special video, which also describes the situation very well. The officials and politicians and citizens of this country should now counter-act, for the constitutional state is actually in the middle of its dissolution, and from the inside to the outside
ZDF Interview - Professor Albrecht on Germany's path to the monitoring state

THE HUMANS - INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION of HUMAN RIGHTS DEFENDERS is an organization dedicated to counteracting human rights violations and family crimes by juvenile authorities and family courts. Our vision is to transform family practice into a functioning system that effectively protects both children and parents from loss of ties, trauma and their consequences.

The IAoHRD is an association of people who have been systematically deprived of their children and grandchildren. It was launched in May 2016 within the Arche e.V. Since 2007 ARCHE e.V., based in Waldbronn, has been engaged in childhood, parental-child alienation, parental alienation syndromes not only in Germany.